Her Story

Born and raised in Nashville, Tn. Married to my best friend, Matt Hadley. I have one sister, Camille, and two wonderful parents. I am passionate about writing songs and dancing. I am a member of the pop/Christian band, 1 Girl Nation. I believe that love is what we all long for. To be loved and to love. God has called us to live from the inside out, so that people may see the love of Christ. To do the exact opposite, live from the outside in, would be to focus only on outward services and appearances, expecting our hearts to match. However, to live from the inside out means to have a pure heart, a heart that strives to be like Christ, and everything else just falls into place. My blog is a place where I hope I can journal my thoughts and inspire others.



  1. Heather · February 27, 2014

    My daughter, Alyssa, is doing a report for her music class at school on a singer or group of her choice. She chose 1 Girl Nation after seeing you all perform at the Secret Keeper Girl tour in Lexington, SC. One question she has to answer is the birthday of each member of the group. We can’t seem to find this information online. Can you help us with this?

    Thank you!

  2. loidalemus · April 12, 2014

    Carmen born on July 15, you can check her story

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