It’s Called Fear


I think what is interesting about our world we live in right now is that a lot of what we are reading online, seeing on tv, and living out in our every day lives is creating something that I believe is trickling slowly into the hearts of everyone around the world. It is why you may have clicked on this post. It is why we react to things the way we do. It is something so paralyzing, so mind-consuming, so captivating.

It’s called fear.

Fear can be so crippling. It can break us down, make us feel like nothing, and paralyze our minds. It has ruined so many relationships and so many peoples lives. It loves to work on social media, in our careers, in our families’ conversations, and in the news on tv and magazines. It is the very thing that has made way into my own dreams and plans for my life from time to time. Over the past 2 years in particular, I have experienced loss, stress, and anxiety more than I ever have in my life. I’ve  even let the music industry completely engulf me with the fear of failure and living up to expectations. The games I felt I had to play and the stress of not “making it” almost caused me to forget who I was.

What’s really funny about fear is that it likes to hide. Sometimes it isn’t out in the open like you think it would be. Fear likes to creep in slowly and it doesn’t want you to talk about it. It wants to be hidden and be a relationship between just the two of you.

In the season of life I am in, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about overcoming this thing called fear. I don’t even think it is something I will ever completely escape, but I’ve at least scratched the surface. You see, it all started when I read a passage from the Bible in Ephesians 6. The Bible, by the way, is a book that I have fallen in love with and I’ve come to learn is life-changing to read. I used to have my doubts about it, and if you are like me who questions everything, I had to really discover for myself what it was all about (that’s another blog for another day).

Ephesians 6 is at the very end of a letter that Paul wrote to the church of Ephesus. He is telling them to be strong in the Lord and relates it to having an “armor” of God. In verse 16 it says, “take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one”.


I recently wrote a song called “Flaming Arrows” because I was very inspired by this verse. Where I was in life, I felt like so many flaming arrows of fear were being thrown at me, but I wanted to write a song about overcoming those things! I wanted to release it because I figured I wasn’t the only one experiencing fear. You can check out my new video for my song here!!!

I guess what I’d like you to take away from this blog is this: don’t be consumed by fear. It does not have to control your life. You CAN rise above.

Don’t let every little thing you see on social media stir up anger or anxiety within your life. Be above it! Use your social media pages and relationships around you to ignite love and kindness in the world. If you deal with anxiety and fear to extreme levels where you can’t overcome it alone, seek out professional help!


And lastly, remember to live from the inside out.




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